It's worth learning


Summer in Ukraine started not as hot but rainy and a little bit cold one. Though it didn’t prevent plans of the Seminary of Practical Theology in Korosten come true.  From June 2nd to June 6th long expected School of Family Counseling started.




Beginning of the year for many young people means the end of studying and beginning of a new page in their life. Someone graduates from school, someone from the university or college, someone starts their job activities. And we are very pleased that there are young people who studied to commit themselves for the work on the Lord’s field. Among these people are The Seminary of Practical Theology students in Korosten.

Graduation of full-time students had place in the Seminary on the June 1st on Sunday.

Students’ chapel in English

Chapels, organized by students became a common event at the Seminary of Practical Theology. Though, the chapel on May 14th was different, as it was in English. And it involved not foreigners but students of the Seminary!


A guest from Sweden


From April 14th to 16thSeminary of Practical Theology students had a possibility to have a seminar on 1st John. It was given by Jan Erixon a pastor-evangelist from Göteborg, Sweden. Everyone had a blessed time studying Word of God.

Guest from Canada

From February 10th to 21st 2014 Seminary students had the subject "Christian Ethics" taught by a guest lecturer from Canada - Karl Sante. We offer you an interview with our visitor.