The page turned but not forgotten

 We all remember the time when the tear-off calendars were in every home. Every torn page proved that the day was over. That's why we tore the page off, threw it away and forgot about it... The life passed away like this. 

But there is another type of calendar - were we turn the page without tearing them off.  And any time we want we can come back to the memories of the past. 


The same happens with our memory and the day that passed. Time flies so fast but need to remember the Lord's blessings. 

We would like to share some of our main events we had during autumn sememster of this studying year at the Seminary of Practical Theology. 

Prison Ministry

On March 17th, 2016 Seminary of Practical Theology students got closer acquainted with the prison ministry which acts in the Church of faith, hope and love under the leadership of Yuriy Zubov.

Time flies fast…

Time flies fast… especially when it is spent actively. This statement is true in the life of the Seminary of Practical Theology. First two months of 2016 were quite full.  

During winter holidays Seminary was still working. We celebrated New Year with young students of the Teens Bible School KROK (STEP), which gathered all the teenagers who wanted to get acquainted with Biblical education at the Seminary.