Part-time department session

   Next session of Seminary of Practical Theology part-time department will take place on December 16th through 27th. Students will have chance to study following subjects: Practical evangelism (teacher Viktor Voznyuk, MA of theology, leader of the union education department), God and Revelation (Ruslan Yuzyuk, BA of pastor ministry, senior pastor in Zhitomir region assistant), Religious cults (Viktor Vodyanchuk, MA of Bible and Theology), Evangelical service (Yuriy Babin, students’ dean at the Seminary, MA of ministry), Methods of theological research (Mykola Fasolko, academic dean at the Seminary, MA of Bible and theology).

Meetings with interesting people - Valentin Oprya

   On November 5th students of Seminary of Practical Theology had a possibility to communicate with extraordinary personality, a correspondent for International Agape Mission Valentin Oprya. Beside his personal life story brother shared his reflection on the topic “Search of sense of life”.

   Administration of Seminary expresses gratitude to brother Valentin for a visit and wishes more strength and inspiration in ministering the Lord.

Graduation - 2013

   On May 26th 2013 eight students received their Diplomas graduating from the Seminary of Practical Theology. Local Church of faith, hope and love shared the celebration with students.

   The church hall was full. People from different parts of Ukraine were guests at the celebration service. To support and share joy of their children parents of graduates, pastors and ministers came. Graduates and everyone present heard a lot of useful advice, guidance, greetings and songs. It seemed as here it was a finish line. But as one of the ministers mentioned, we should never stop learning. We need to learn something all the time in our life, be passionate about studying and the most important is to apply the knowledge in practical life.