Guest from Canada

From February 10th to 21st 2014 Seminary students had the subject "Christian Ethics" taught by a guest lecturer from Canada - Karl Sante. We offer you an interview with our visitor.


 Tell a little bit about yourself and your ministry

I have been married to the same woman for the last 38 years. She has kept me focused and serious about the things of God. We have three children and five grand children. I received my first licensed minister papers with the PAOC in 1970. I have been active in the church, in various capacities over the last almost 50 years.  Our church home is Southshore Community Church near Montreal, Canada.  God has given me ministry opportunities in a variety of settings – ministry in Canada's north; Family Life education in Sahr, Chad, Africa; on a church ministry team; replacing local pastors and six years in China as an English teacher. In China several house churches regularly ask for support and visits.  I have spent 35 years working in social service counselling young people and families with multiple difficulties.  I believe that this area of ministry has given me the skills I have needed over the years in the church.

I have also been able, with much support from my wife, completed an MA degree in Theological Studies at Concordia University in Montreal.

First impressions of Ukraine

People are in deep political turmoil evidenced in the revolution and chaos unfolding in  Kiev with the Majdan. People want something that is more beneficial for their lives.

I believe that I have seen the same in the desire of believers in the seminary AND IN THE CHURCHES I HAVE VISITED. BELIEVERS WANT A FAITH THAT IS REAL, AND RELEVANT TO THEIR LIVES.  Dictation from the leadership is not considered spiritual leadership and not necessarily God ordained. Is it restlessnes of the human spirit or influence of materialism remains a question that may not require an answer. It is a human condition present not only in Ukraine. Young people are enthusiastic and want to work and testify for God. Ukraine is definitely a country that is much more and quite different than our first view of Kiev.

The spiritual situation is not that much different between Canada and Ukraine. I do believe that as a rule the churched young people in Canada are  somewhat more self involved and the dependency on God does not motivate them as much. A good economy tends for people to become independent from an intense, intimate relationship with a personal God. Hopefully Canada will not go too far into that direction!!

Many years ago when I had the privilege of attending Bibleschool in Germany the times were quite different. Experiences from those years still fill my mind often, especially when I am here in Korosten.  My strongest memories are the services we held in the churches every weekend and the prayer meeting that often erupted spontaneously during the opening prayer and lasted the entire class time. Prayer and service is how I entertain those memories. These have become most useful in fulfilling my work for the part I have in the kingdom of our Lord.

My wish for the students is that they would certainly ground themselves in acquiring knowledge of the Bible but more to acquire knowledge about people and how they want to relate to God.  May the students develop enthusiasm, and integrity in their testimony. I pray that their testimony may be relevant at all times and present the good news as more than just a familiar culture.  Maybe its a load to put on anyone person but I am convinced that the youth of today are more capable and more desirous of a relevant relationship with almighty, loving God than my generation.

Rector, workers and students of the Seminary of Practical Theology express their gratitude to Karl Sante for teaching “Christian Ethics”. We wish You abundant God’s blessings in all the spheres of Your life, ministry and teaching.