Two weeks of Greek

From January 27th to February 7th students of Seminary of Practical Theology (full time department) had a great opportunity to study Greek language of New Testament deeper. Here is interview with the teacher of this subject. It is Natalia Tuz, academic dean of Lviv Theological Seminary. 



How did you feel the calling from God to minister in the sphere Christian education?


After my Bachelor Degree at Lviv Seminary I started to teach at Sunday School in my Lviv “Bethany” church. Later on, while studying for a Master’s degree, after classes we spent time together with students who needed more detailed explanation of Greek language. Afterwards I was asked to teach after classes for those who wanted to catch up with the program. Completing the Master’s degree I was offered to teach Greek language at Lviv Theological Seminary. Having made a decision, peace filled my heart as I had other offers; I realized that this decision was from God. It was how I started to work as a teacher of Greek language and separate books of Bible, in a year as an assistant of academic dean, and in one more year as an academic dean of fulltime department of LTSТ.


What do you think is of more priority: secular or Christian education?


I think that both secular and Christian education are important. Having completed Christian education first, I realized that I need secular education as well. Also, teaching students in different groups, in different Bible schools, after a few questions or answers you can see people who have higher secular education; they have higher educational level of training for studying in higher school.


The main challenges for today’s Christian youth.


Today Christian youth first of all need great examples of minister, parents, teachers, friends to follow the true image of Christ. As well as those who will go with them without judging their mistakes, encouraging them in their beginnings and further Christian life, helping them up when they fall, supporting them with a prayer and actions. Working with young people I observe that very often our youth is left by ministers; youth is expected to do everything on their own and in perfect way. There is no way for that. That’s why even most initiative young people can’t manage this way for a long time. A burning issue as for me in the churches is lack of discipleship as such, that’s why there are many problems with young people. Parents, relatives also teach to make secondary things of main priority, living by secular principles. Young people need to know that they are not alone, that they are following someone. Then they will be able to lead others.


Your wishes for students and readers...

I would like to wish every student first of all to make a firm decision to follow Christ in their lives; and also never allow disappointment in God, His Word, even if you won’t understand something, not to look at secular temptations or friends who may have achieved something in this world. Remember – most important is not how much money you have in your pockets, but whether you are pleasing God and fulfilling His will here on earth. Be friends with those people next to whom you can become better and with whom you will be able to serve the Lord and people.


Rector, workers and students of the Seminary of Practical Theology express their gratitude to Natalia Tuz, full time department academic dean of Lviv Theological Seminary for teaching “Introduction to ancient Greek language”. We wish You abundant God’s blessings in all the spheres of Your life, ministry and teaching.