Practical life

   Except theoretical training students have a possibility to obtain practical experience.

   Every working day, except preparing morning and evening prayers, students prepare and carry on students services in turn. At these services they have a chance to practice preaching, praying worship, and also have a possibility to disclose their other talents such as playing a music instrument, singing, theatrical skills etc.

   Together with students on particular days administration, workers and other ministers take part in these services sharing their spiritual experiences and guidance with students.

   Beside this, students have a chance to apply their knowledge practically during their missionary week in the churches in different parts of Ukraine. There with supervision of experienced pastors they have a possibility to be involved in different kinds of ministry: youth ministry, evangelism work, work with youth, teens, organization of services, work with alcohol and drug addicts.

   If you want students of Seminary of Practical Theology come to your local church for a missionary week in your area, connect us with such a request.