Students’ chapel in English

Chapels, organized by students became a common event at the Seminary of Practical Theology. Though, the chapel on May 14th was different, as it was in English. And it involved not foreigners but students of the Seminary!


It was a great possibility for themto practice their knowledge of English. Students had worship in English, brothers tried themselves as foreign preachers and sisters read poems in English. Service ended up with a Lord’s Prayer in English.

Students also tried themselves in the role of interpreters, because everything at the service they translated into Ukrainian.

After deep fears and preparations everyone present was pleased with such a chapel, and some people even shared their suggestion to have such services more often, as it encourages learning English better and helps to realize that English language is important and helpful in the lives of students and everyone.

Administration of the Seminary is grateful to all the students for participation at the students service and has hope that such chapels in English will take place more often.

Teachers who were present at the service shared their impressions. :

VitaliyGura, a guest teacher:

 «Knowledge of English is a guaranty of successful ministry in future. That’s why such practical English classes help our future ministers to master their English at a higher level».

Valentina Sobchenko, English teacher:

«Students worried lot before the chapel, but one of the maintasks of such services is to overcome thisfear. If a student learns how to overcome fear of making a mistake, believes that he can learn the language even if he didn’t study it at school, it is a key to success. AndIamsurethatevery student, teacher and any person who want to learn English can do it! That’s why I would like to wish all the students to have a desire to learn, overcome the fear and try harder to achieve their goals!»