It's worth learning


Summer in Ukraine started not as hot but rainy and a little bit cold one. Though it didn’t prevent plans of the Seminary of Practical Theology in Korosten come true.  From June 2nd to June 6th long expected School of Family Counseling started.



Pastors, ministers, married couples and just interested Christians from few regions came to sit at the desk, take pen and learn. Exactly so, though all of us are adults, we learn something new all the time, we learn from someone else’s experience and wisdom.

In a week of studies students covered three subjects: «Conflictology», «Christian family basis» and «10 principles of a happy marriage». Volodymyr Brychka, Rostyslav Murakh and Mykola Savchuk were speakers with lectures.

Every day prayer was a beginning and the end of the lectures. Blessed time flew away so fast, since it was not just simply «dry» theory, but fellowship filled with life, family and spiritual experiences.

One of the lectors said that our main purpose here is not just listening but applying this knowledge in our life. Though, first is important as well. First of all we need to set a goal – to teach, to help, to counsel others.

From the morning till evening one could hear rustle of the pages and sound of the pens. At the end of the day, feeling pleasantly tired, students shared their impressions and experiences, discussed what they heard. Everyone was satisfied with nice rooms, delicious food, and new acquaintances. And the most important is that everyone heard and found something new for them. Maybe this «new» was different but the most important that it became a revelation which is going to help someone to change life. For this it was worth learning.