To be bored is not about us!

Usually, when it goes about studying an association of boredom can come to mind. But it is too far from the studies everyday life of Seminary of Practical Theology students!

Every day is filled with its own beauty, studies and life is exciting and various. Useful lessons, fellowship with SPTh students, teachers and guests, practice of ministry and interesting leisure time – all this is a characteristic of the SPTh students’ life.

Secondsemesterof2017-18 beganattheendofJanuarywith a block of exciting subjects that were offered for both full-time and part-time students. Among these subjects there were New Testament Review, Introduction into NT Greek, Introduction into Theology (teacher - Ihor Kapustin), Galatians and Romans (teaching beginning of the SPTh graduate – Vadym Smitiukh), Methods of teaching (Canadian guest Karl Sante).


AlsoFamilyCounselingSchooltookitsplacewhenstudentswerelearningcriticalcounselingwithAntonKolhanovandlearned theimportanceofcommunication for the relationships in the family with Ruslan Yuziuk.

Fulltime students also studied Angeology (teacher Viktor Vodianchuk), Organization of children’s ministry (Anastasia Marchenko), Mission of the Church in the time of digital technologies (Anatoliy Kybukevych), Basics of Christian journalism (Vadym Kuchynskiy). And at the moment they are studying the doctrine of the Hole Spirit (Pneumatology, Mykola Fasolko is teaching) and also they are anticipating Easter holidays soon.

Except theology, students study English, and by the way it is not just a hard theory but a creative and practical process. More over the students had a great opportunity to practice their English with a native speaker – a teacher from Canada Karl Sante for two weeks. They had lessons of practical English with him for two weeks with no translation! One of such lessons took place in a cozy coffee place with informal atmosphere where they practiced their conversational English.

Exceptstudyingaveryimportantpartofthestudentslifeisaministrypracticeattendingvariouschurchesandevangelisminthecity of Korosten. Gathering together, taking a guitar and a cajon, students enjoy going to the park to sing Christian songs and distribute Christian brochures to the ones who are interested. And for the Women’s Day – March 8th – they bought the tulips, made the cards with the invitation to the church service and congratulated women in the city. For a lot of people it was a real surprise. It is so good to bring people joy!

Leisuretimeofstudentsisalsoexciting and helps students become more friendly. On a regular basis there are fellowships of fulltime students with part time students, administration, guests of the Seminary – ministers and foreigners.

At one of the evening like this with administration there was a possibility to remind ourselves about various moments of the Seminary life, look through the pictures and receive lots of positive emotions of the time spent together. By the initiative of the students’ pastor for already several times students cooked unique Moldavian dishes where everyone mad their own contribution. And for the girls brothers prepared a special spring party, devoted to ladies.

Active rest such as skiing also has its place (especially during 4-months winter J ).

And though the winter took another extra long month, it did not influence the enthusiasm and passion of students. A lot of exciting subjects and lesson are in front of them, a lot of work to do and great time to spend. There is no time to be bored, every day is full and rich having its place for all-sided development and a real friendship. That’s why we are inviting everyone willing to join the students of SPTh, who can say with assurance: boring routine is not about us!