The page turned but not forgotten

 We all remember the time when the tear-off calendars were in every home. Every torn page proved that the day was over. That's why we tore the page off, threw it away and forgot about it... The life passed away like this. 

But there is another type of calendar - were we turn the page without tearing them off.  And any time we want we can come back to the memories of the past. 


The same happens with our memory and the day that passed. Time flies so fast but need to remember the Lord's blessings. 

We would like to share some of our main events we had during autumn sememster of this studying year at the Seminary of Practical Theology. 

We already mentioned the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Seminary

Except this we had more other exciting events.

Among them we would like to mention that this semester was rich with guest teachers (both ukrainian and foreign ones). 

First guest were Mark Steinfield (Canada) teaching "Missio Dei" and also Markian Klepach teaching "Organization of musical ministry".

Igor Kapustin taught "Pastoral Epistles". 

One more foreign teacher was Marvin Dynna (Canada), a minister with more than 50 year of pastoral experience who taught 2 subjects: "Pastoral Theology" and "Christian Ethics". 


At the end of the semester we had two more teachers: Carl Draksler (Canada) teaching "General epistles" and Edmund Schlak (USA) teaching "People and their beliefs". 

Except teachers coming we had friendly visits of guests from Norway. We had guests from Moi and Beint Hansen, the good old friend of the Seminary. 

At the Seminary we had a Sign Language School for the citizens of the city (including unbelievers) who have deaf people. 

Also we had a Family Counseling School with Viktor Kurylenko, Igor Kapustin and Ruslan Yuzyuk teaching. 

We hosted 3 conferences: youth conference, women conference and a conference on counseling. 

Some teachers of the Seminary went through the skills improvement in Minsk and Kyiv.

Young visitors from our summer camps organized by Seminary were also happy to have a reunion meeting at the Seminary. 

In the middle of t he semester our full-time students had a missionary practice in Korosten and other places in our region and they finished the semester with their missionary week in Brusyliv area. Except the special missionary weeks, our full-time students we actively involved in the various directions of the activities of the local "Church of faith, hope and love" in Korosten. Also they had trips not only in Zhytomyr region but also to Kyiv and Ternopil regions. And on regular basis they attent the children rehabilitation center "Faith. Hope. Love".

At the end of the studying year we had a Teens Bible School "KROK" (STEP) with 46 talanted teenagers from different regions of Ukraine who came to Korosten to enter the year 2017 with studying.

Let's remember the time that passed not tearing off the page of the calendar but turning it with thanksgiving to God. Seminary is thankful to everyone who supports the work and activities of the Serminary in various ways.