25 blessed years...thus far the Lord has helped us!

Seminary of Practical Theology celebrated 25th anniversary.

25 years is already a quarter of a century! This is a period of time the Seminary of Practical Theology in Korosten, Zhytomyr region is working on the Lord’s field.


Everything started in 1991 together with freedom of religion and Gospel preaching in former Soviet Union. A need of trained and educated ministers was extremely big and as an answer to this a Bible School of James was founded in Korosten. It was a first Bible institution in the Union of Christians of Evangelic Faith that had a full-time department. Later the name was changed into Korosten Bible College, and at the moment it already has a name of the Seminary of Practical Theology (further SPTh).

Today SPTh has more than 360 graduates, most of who are actively involved in the local evangelical churches bot in Ukraine and abroad. Geographical area of SPTh graduates reached not only CIS countries but also Europe, America and Africa.


From September 23rd to September 25th, celebrational events dedicated to SPTh anniversary took place.

At the opening service SPTh students, workers and graduates worshiped God sincerely and remembered students’years and listened to the words of instruction from the regional bishop Volodymyr Brychka, who encouraged to be faithful on the life way and to not give up before temporary life difficulties.


OnSeptember 24th,aseminarforSPThgraduatesandchurch ministers took place. All attendants had a chance to listen to very interesting lectures on different topics. 2 different perspectives of life and leadership were presented by Mark Steinfield, education coordinator in Eurasia from Pentecostal Assembly of Canada. Also Snizhana Grygorovych and Ruslan Yuzyuk had interesting lectures.

Seminar breaks and evenings were spent in an unforgettable atmosphere of fellowship, since it is impossible to express with words the joy of meeting and the feeling of unity that penetrated the celebration. “Romantics” was added by friendly fellowship at the fire, songs with a guitar, sincere memories and dreams.

And on Sunday a local Church of faith, hope and love and the honored guests joined the celebration. A group of SPTh graduates served with singing at the service.

Graduates and guests shared the words of greetings. Among them there were greetings from the educational establishments such as TBS and KBI which were supported by the gift for the Seminary library. And the president of the Evangel Theological Seminary Vasyl Voytovych came personally to greet and present a gift for the SPTh as a reminder of the anniversary. Gratitude was expressed to everyone who is involved in the SPTh ministry, and a prayer for the administration, workers and teachers of the SPTh took place.

Celebrational events ended with a special lunch after which graduates went back to their ministries, students to their studies and workers and teacher to their work.

SPTh expresses gratitude to everyone who during these blessed years was together with us in both joyful and difficult moments and looks into the future with optimism, because “thus far the Lord has helped us.”(1Sam.7:12), Who blessed the work of the Seminary.

Further work and cooperation

And for those who is interested in Bible education, SPTh offers and opportunity to study on such programs:

  • Full-time program «Bachelor of Theology and Church Ministry»
  • Full-time 6-months program of spiritual discipleship and leadership “Time for Jesus” – starts on October 17th and you still have an opportunity to join us!
  • Part-time program «Bachel or Theology and Church Ministry» (next session is November 14th through 18th with Marvin Dynna from Canada, subjects - «Pastoral Theology» and «Christian Ethics»)
  • Part-time program «Family Counseling Shool» (next session is on October 31st – November 3rd ) with Viktor Kurylenko
  • Part-time program «Children-teenagers ministry»
  • Teenagers Bible School KROK (STEP) for young students 14-16 during winter holidays

More information about studies at the SPTh you can fine on our web-sitewww.korosten-bc.org.ua

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