How the brightest memories are made


The scientists agree that the brightest memories are made before a person reaches the age of 25-30. Later memories do not leave such deep prints in our memory than those we had in young age.


Full    time students of Seminary of Practical Theology have a great opportunity to demonstrate the action of the above mentioned principle, being involved in studying process. Studying is not only lectures but a lot of other different and interesting things… The life of a Seminary student is extremely full of everything! Except everyday lessons, they have prayers, students services, trips to different evangelical churches and, of course, leisure time.

There are some pictures to show the bright memories being made right now, while studying at the Seminary. And, of course, we invite you to join our friendly Seminary family. 


Here are some pictures from autumn missionary practice in Zhitomir region churches:

Work in the orphanages is also very helpful for students:


One of the important part of students life is trips to different churches:


Students take active part in the life of local Church of faith, love and hope(Korosten city):


From time to time Seminary if attended by interesting guests. Here Beint Hansen from Norway visited our students. It was great time together: