How the year 2017 ended at the Seminary

Last month of 2017 was quite abundant in events.

First of all the full time students had a great time with a guest from far Norway - Beint Hansen who since 1994 is still not weary to visit Korosten. Before he was doing it as a founder and a leader of the THK mission, and now as a good and an old friend. Students and the administration are sincerely thankful to Beint Hansen for all the support for the Seminary. 

One more important event was a session of part time students. We had two guest teachers - a reactor from the Seminary from Ternopil Vitaliy Varenytsia (subject "Experiencing God") and a teacher from Volyn Andriy Hodorchuk ("Homiletics-2"). So a week went in an abundant and fruitful way.

And on December 28th in Korosten there was a beginning of the Teen's Bible School KROK (STEP), organized and hosted by the Seminary of Practical Theology. 48 talented teenagers of age 14-16 from 9 regions (Kyiv, Khmelnytsk, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Volyn and Kyiv city) came together to have great tome for Bible studies, fellowship, talents development, New Year celebration. The prgram lasted to January 4th. Young students met New 2018 year with their leaders - full time students of the SPTh.

After some Christmas holidays a studying year will start on January 29th for both full time and part time students in learning quite exciting subjects for them among which learning Greek of New Testament, New Testament Review, Methods of teaching, Romans and Galatians, introduction to Theology and others. Welcome everyone who wants to join the students of the Seminary of Practical Theology!