Moved to a new space…

Tomoveone needs space. And to start from a new space one needs to start moving. This was the decision of 18 young participants of the Youth Bible School “SPACE”, first group of which took place from August 14th to August 20th in Korosten at the Seminary of Practical Theology. So, first ones to start a new space were young boys and girls from Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Lviv and Rivne regions. 


During the whole week youth could try themselves in the role of the Seminary students, having Bible lessons in following topics: «Basics of Bible interpretation», «Defend your faith», «Victory over temptations», «Basics of Christian leadership» and «Successful prayer».

Every day started with the morning prayer and the Bible study. Except the lessons there were exciting quests, city excursion tours, interest clubs and other studying and leisure activities. And the ending of the day was evening services where young people praised the Lord together and served each other with their talents, listening to the sermons etc.

And there also was a possibility to meet special guests… Asamatteroffact, simplebutdedicatedtotheLordChristianswhoarefulfillingtheircallingworkingasjournalists, working with special need children, working as a missionary in China, in prison and rehabilitation ministry etc. And the testimonies and lives of such people inspire you to find your own calling on the Lord’s field and be active for His glory.

The last day of the school participants sent in the service together with the local Church of faith, hope and love, which blessed the young people for the further life after giving them the certificates from the Seminary of Practical Theology… Taking the weapon of knowledge during the studying time, young warriors of Christ started the new space for new spiritual victories and ministry for the glory of our Lord!

And the only thing left for us is to believe and hope that the seed sawn will grow as a rich abundant fruit and blessing for others! And we will meet with all of these young people in cooperation for God! We pray for God’s blessings for each brother and sister!