On the way to the goal

Lifeisfruitfulandabundant if it has a goal. It is easier to go forward if there is a goal in front of you. Writing to Timothy apostle Paul talks about the goal to reach which Holy Scripture study can help: “That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (2 Tim. 3:17).

Seminary of Practical Theology is also serving the same goal.

The semester for students started

at the end of January. Coming back from winter holidays and church practice, they continued the usual rhythm of studies. Subject after subject, week after week, time went by in an abundant and blessed way. Students at the Seminary are always happy to combine studies with the ministry work.

Also, students  had a chance to meet the ministers in practice who shared their ministry experience and some useful pieces of advice.

Spring practice for three weeks was very helpful as well for both students and the churches in Ternopil, Chernivci and Ivano-Frankivsk regions where they had an opportunity to minister.

Students of the part-time department come to study with pleasure as well. Future bachelors had two lecture sessions: one in February and one in May.

Seminary is always happy to host future family counselors who study at the Family Counseling School. During these two lectures period following teachers ministered to them: Yuriy and Tetiana Sokolovsky, Yuriy Babin, Volodymyr Kovyniev and Volodymyr Brychka. Subjects were very interesting: family ministry organization, conflictology, leadership and upbringing in the family spiritual life of the family.

Teachers at the SPTh were native as well as foreign ones. This year SPTh visited: Endrew Bauer from Canada and David and Carolyn Nelsons from USA.

The semester ended with a celebration. Full-time department students and the school “Time for Jesus” had graduation. The joy of celebration with graduates and guest was shared with the local “Church of faith, hope and love”.

It can seem that the goal is reached. But the completion of the program is only the intermediate goal. But the most important is after completing the course of training for the ministry to fulfill the ministry continuing the way to perfectness in readiness to every good work. SPTh wishes this to all the graduates 2017.

And at the moment Seminary of Practical Theology continues the work and starts the new enrollment of the students for the following programs:

-          Bachelor of Theology and Church Ministry (full and part time departments)

-          «Time for Jesus» (6 months, full-time) – NEW!!!

-          Children-teenagers’ ministry (2 years, part-time) – NEW!!!

-          Family Counseling School (1 year, part-time)

-          School of Church administration(1 year, part-time) – NEW!!!

-          YouthBibleSchool “PROSTIR” (SPACE) (educational-recreational, August 13-20th, age of participants 16-18 years) – NEW!!!

-     Teenagers’ BibleSchool “KROK” (STEP) (educational-recreational, during winter holidays, age of participants - 14-16 years)

If you want to study at the Seminary, you can order the application form at the given address of phone numbers. The filled in application you can send by post or apply in person.

Address of the Seminary: 65V Sosnovskogo Str, Korosten city, Zhytomyr region, 11509, Ukraine

Теl. (096)7354065; (096)1046402; (050)0577184

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