Time flies fast…

Time flies fast… especially when it is spent actively. This statement is true in the life of the Seminary of Practical Theology. First two months of 2016 were quite full.  

During winter holidays Seminary was still working. We celebrated New Year with young students of the Teens Bible School KROK (STEP), which gathered all the teenagers who wanted to get acquainted with Biblical education at the Seminary.


Teens Bible School took place from December 28th to January 3rd. Young students from several regions of Ukraine except Bible lessons had a lot of other possibilities to have great time: extra lesson activities, sport, church services, New Year celebration, etc. 

Students started their semester on January 18th. 

Some teachers from SPTh had a possibility to improve their pedagogic qualifications on the seminar in Minsk, Belarus. 

FamilyCounselingSchooltookplacefromFebruary 8thto 12th. Students had a great opportunity to receive new knowledge with Ruslan Yusiuk, Volodymyr Brychka and Viktor Vozniuk.

And from February 15th to 19th part time students had their session. These were the students who are studying on Bachelor program. We had a teacher from Canada – Carl Sante – a good friend of the Seminary. He taught Christian ethics and Leadership.


Also Carl had a seminar on parenting on February 21st in the Church of faith, hope and love.  

And on December 21st missionary school of «The Voice of Hope» from Lutsk had their opwning at the Seminary. 11 future missionaries started the school. On the opening service honored guests were present: Mykola Syniuk first assistant of the Bishop of the Union, Vitaliy Onyschuk and Ievgen Melnychuk. After the Scripture advices church prayed for the ministers and the students.

AndonMarch21 fulltimestudentsaregoingtohavetheirspringmissionarypracticeindifferentregionsofUkrainewheretheywillapplytheirknowledgereceivedduringthelectures